Tortolì welcomes its visitors through the maritime entrance of Arbatax with a sublime scenery that offers a breathtaking show wheneverfurious waves crash over the top of the imposing red porphyry rocks. The squawks of seagulls and the smell of salty air accompanies the visit to the seaside village of Arbatax, from here, the main road goes inward until it reaches the main street of Tortoli, the most dynamic and active place in the area. Since this town is a renowned touristiccenter, it has the widest accommodation facilities optionsin the area, and it offersa selection of amenities, beaches and a vibrant nightlife thanks to the famous notti bianche, white nights.

The long coastline of Tortolì extends for several kilometers, alternating rugged cliffs and long sandy beaches. Among the latter, lido di Orrì is surely the most famous and attended one. It is a perfect spot for anyone looking for a beach with fine white sand and really shallow waters. Orrìbeach is much appreciated both for its crystal-clear waters and all the comforts offered: showers, toilets, bathing facilities and dining facilities.
Cala Ginepro is a really characteristic cove, wedged between rocks and Mediterranean brush. It islocated a bit southwards and its impalpable sand and transparent waters are well worth a visit.

Despite its mainly flat landscape, Tortolì offers beautiful views from different observation spots: The San Gemiliano tower for example, which overlooks the beach and the Bay of Portu Frailis, it is able to give an unforgettable panorama of the coast to those who ventureon top of it. The lighthouse of Capo Bellavista is located at an altitude of 156 meters and from the top of the homonymous promontory, it supervises the entire coastline. The lighthouse is framed by the unique and fascinating landscape of Arbatax Park Resort natural park “Bellavista” This nature reserve preserves a protected ecosystem thatwelcomes several protectedanimal species freely living in it. The Park can be visited thanks to the daily guided tours that follow a scenic route of 2.5 km.

In April, streets are tinged with bright colors during Tortolì in Fiore. The main attraction of this festival is definitely the renowned art works made out of flowers that made this event famous throughout the island.Flower artists from all over Italy make wonderful and colorful designs with thousands of flowers on Tortolì’smain street. Borgo Marinaro, celebrated in June, it is one of the many events that animatesummer and surely, it is one of the most characteristic ones. Wine tastings, exhibitions, performances of traditional songs and dances, and last but not least local ancient arts and crafts are some of the many activities found during this festival. Stella Maris is celebrated in July, it is a feast in honor of the Virgin Mary. In this circumstance an evocative sea procession takes place:Dozens of boats follow the fishing boat carrying the statue of the Virgin for three laps around the harbor. The festival lasts three days. During the last day of it, on Sunday, there is the traditional midnight firework show.
The Red Valley Festival is not a traditional event but it has a worldwide appeal. It is held in August, it stages a series of concerts offamous Italian and international artists. It is a spectacular event hosted in one of the most famous natural corners of Ogliastra, the Red Rocks of Arbatax.