The town of Tertenia stands outin a valley overlooked by the dolomite highlands rich in natural vegetation, that leads up to theseashore formed by a mix of long white sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. Its diversified territory, thanks to its thick woods and hiking paths, it is appreciated both by sea and trekking lovers.

Foxi Manna is one of the best beaches found in the beautiful coastal area of Marina di Tertenia. Here, the shallow crystal-clear sea water meets the thin white sand creating a fascinating contrast with thered porphyry cliffs and the surrounding green mountains. The 18th century tower of San Giovanni di Sarrala makes this charming part of coast impressive.

The 67 nuraghes, including Nuraghe Aleri and Nuraghe Longu, numerous Giants’ graves scattered around the area,the discovery of ancient utensils and obsidian shards are the evidences of civilizationspopulating this area since the Neolithic age. The sacred well “Sa Brecca” located in S’ arrala ‘e and Sesu area is another amazing Nuragic monument. It is 24 meters deep and it has approximately 40 steps. This ancient building is made even more spectacular by both overlaying tholos (domes made of rocks) still perfectly intact.

The feast of Biginau Antigu(old neighborhood) is one of the most beautiful events celebrated in Tertenia. This festival, which is celebrated in August, it is a real dive into the past:the old town is set up in a way so that visitors have the chance to live in a 18th century typical day. During this event, ancient houses host exhibitions of old craftsamong the scents and tastes of local delicious food.