Lotzorai is located near a sandy shore with emerald sea water. It is surrounded by mountains, which shelter the town from cold air currents. Since it rises in the middle of the main coastal cities, Lotzorai is a crossing point for people travelling from the North to the South part of Ogliastra. It offers different accommodations, for any kind of holiday: comfortable hotels, adorable B&Bs and sea campsites.

Among all the historical monuments, the medieval fortress Castello della Medusa is definitely a must-see. It was built by “Giudici” of Cagliari’s “Giudicato” in a strategic location, on top of a hill overlooking the area, which nowadays, offers breathtaking views to visitors. Along granitic faces of Trucucu hill, domus de janas di Fund’e Monti outline a charming journey to the most mysterious and ancestral aspects of Sardinia through the Mediterranean bush.
Lotzorai’s beaches, in front of Ogliastra’s island, are very long, wide and never crowded. Therefore they are ideal spots for spending a relaxing day on the beach. They are surrounded by a big maritime pine forest, which offers a cool shelter from the sun during hot summer days.

In spring, Lotzorai’s streets are attended by many people for Cortiggias, an event focused on local traditions with folkloristic dances and typical food taste itineraries. On August, during Sagra dei Culurgiones festival, the coastal town, offers different local food. Besides culurgiones, the main dish of the festival, it is possible to taste: seadas, a Sardinian typical desert, roasted piglet, pani moddi with local prosciutto and cheese or purpuzza, a variety of fried fish, local wine and craft beers.