Loceri, known for its colourful wall paintings, is located in a hollow between the hills not far from the sea. The area offers a mild climate and fertile lands with many water courses, which makes it an ideal spot for vineyards and olive groves. Loceri is halfway between Gennargentu mountains, tens of kilometres away, and a few minutes drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in Ogliastra. It is an ideal destination for anyone looking for both mountains and beaches.
Loceri owns various archaeological sites, first among everything nuraghe Serra Uleri, which from the top of the hill, gives a beautiful panorama of the surrounding area. Among all the sites in Loceri’s territory, Nuraghe Cèa and Domus de Janas of Sierra Paulis, immersed into the Mediterranean scrub, offer breath-taking views over ancestral finds completely absorbed by the blooming nature around them.