Arzana, with its huge territory, sensational sightseeing, luxurious forests and clear water springs, offers the chance to discover Ogliastra’s mountains and more specifically “the blue zone”, also known as the land of centenaries.

Arzana is located at mid-height on Monte Idolo, surrounded by pristine and lush nature which hosts rare endemic plants and assorted wildlife.
There are many watercourses, the most fascinating ones are:
Funtana Orrubiae creek and Pirincanis, a breathtaking waterfall diving into a small canyon.
Old-growth forests in Alto Flumendosa area are a must see, especially Tedderieddu forest where deer and mouflons live among Europe’s oldest Yew trees. Last but not least, Punta La Marmora, Sardinia’s highest mountain.
Tourists have the chance, through an easy hike, to reach the top of the mountain. From up there, on a dry day, it is possible to see both East and West coast of Sardinia.

History of Arzana is ancient, with numerous prenuragic and nuragic sites that offer a clear proof of it: from Perdixi Domus de Janas to Adana Giants’ graves and nuragic villages of Unturgiadores, Sa ‘e Cortocce and also Sa Tanca e Ruinas, Sardinia’s highest nuragic village. It is located at 1200 meters above sea level.
Different Ancient Roman ruins are found in Tedderieddu, Silisèe and Su Baingiu country areas. Thermae (hot baths) ruins have been discovered inside the town.
According to the most reliable theory, Ancient Romans named “Aer Sana” (Healthy Air) to the area, on the basis of salubrious atmosphere permeating the mountain

Local cuisine offers, as in all Ogliastra towns, culurgiones, dough stuffed with a potatoes and cheese filling, typically smaller compared to the ones from nearby towns, but sealed through the classical “ear of wheat” shape.
Orrubiolus, also known as Gathulis anywhere else, is also a typical local food: they are potatoes and cheese fritters. Orrubiolus should not be confused with Arrubiolus, which is a dessert cooked in other towns.

One of the main Festivals in Arzana is the patron Saint Day, San Giovanni Battista, it is celebrated in June. It is a good chance to enjoy local traditions.
The most important and attended event in Arzana is San Vincenzo Ferreri Festival. This International Bike Rally even if it is not part of local tradition is a large and interesting event. Bikers start from Arzana and ride through Ogliastra until they reach the coast. Events and festivals are found all year long: Il Porcino d’Oro is in November, which focuses on porcini mushrooms,
it is one of the most important food festivals in all the area.
Cook-offs, food tasting, exhibitions and traditional dances are some of the many activities found during this festival.